Why is it so damn hard to be consistent?

prickly inconsistent banana
Umm, I’ll just stick to oranges. Thx! At least they’re consistent. Geez :\

Ah, consistency, why are you so damn hard to keep up? I’ve made several attempts to workout out consistently, budget consistently, take action toward increasing my visibility, and meditate consistently but somehow the chain of action and spark of motivation always dwindles. Admittedly it’s my own laziness or procrastination that gets in the way and other times it’s just the throes of unpredictable life. My son has had some sleep regression recently so naturally the time I spent working toward my next book, blog post, or online visibility for a few hours, after putting him to sleep, has become null and void. On this particular morning, I said enough is enough and with the topic on my mind I claimed my rightful spot in front of the laptop, perched on my bed, bended knees to write this post. Without consistency, there is no way to sustain momentum, measure effectiveness and stay accountable. This is true for starting a business, developing new content, or potty training your toddler. Consistency is the cornerstone of a success. Perhaps that’s why it’s so hard. If staying consistent and disciplined was so easy then we’d all have six packs, child prodigies, and multimillion-dollar businesses. As human’s, we’re easily distracted. As a mother, those distractions are tenfold. Besides a hark of a new idea, the need to research, Instagram, Facebook, social engagements, and having to step outside occasionally or every day for a day job, mother’s are constantly with one eye on the ball, and one eye or ear on their child. Silence is not golden in a household with a toddler or kids, it usually means mischief or unwashable markers are at bay. But in order to get our ass off the couch or head in the game, we have to stay consistent. That means coming to the disappointing realization you will fall off the momentum train time to time but you will have to consistently hop right back on. You don’t need to get fancy and download apps or a vision board with a million connections, like a detective on the hunt for a serial killer. All you and I need to do is get realistic. I took the liberty of Googling consistency (you’re welcome) and every blog post, article, and how-tos labeled the next few steps. As I examined them, I thought “duh!”  But perhaps we all could use a little reminding so, without further adieu, a few steps for staying consistent:

  1. “Make a conscious decision to remain consistent.” — Thanks internet! But the internet is right. Isn’t it always? ; )  For real, though, say it out loud, write it down frame it. Exclaim to yourself, the universe, your cat, your baby, shoot get it in sky lettering, that YOU will remain CONSISTENT.
  2. “Jot down a plan and your end goal” — Get really clear on the why, how, and what you’re seeking to accomplish. Write it down, say it out loud, post it somewhere you can see it. If you don’t have a plan and an objective, then you damn sure can’t be consistent. Plan in bite-sized chunks. This will ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by the objective and you can get fired up by the smaller wins.
  3. “Don’t rely on motivation, feelings, or inspiration” — If you wait until you feel like it, are motivated, or inspired you will find yourself doing a whole lot of nothing. Think about it. How often did you feel super pumped to study for a calculus test? For those of you whom never did, I feel you. For those of you who did, wtf yo?
  4. “Do one thing at a time.” — This one is super hard for me. I’m a habitual and professional multi-tasker. I’m an EA for Christ sakes. Multi-tasking brings the bacon home. But honestly, it leaves me feeling depleted, unfocused, and overwhelmed. As mentioned in item #2, split up your goal and action plan into manageable, and actional bite-sized pieces. “Do what you can in joy and instead of doing it all in misery.”
  5. “Be realistic & flexible about time” — We all get into ruts and life happens. For mom’s, this is especially true. There is always a need to stay flexible. Some items may take longer than others. But it is also key to remember that you only have right now. So do your very best, check-in with yourself, and do not push things off. When you know you have to get something done, get it done. Block out time on your calendar, designate times of the day for each task or item. Don’t beat yourself up for not getting things done at exactly that time either, or quit. But do readjust, tweak your day, and get it done. Throwing in the towel is not an option.

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