The Book


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The Book: Flipping Awesome: The Art & Science of Perseverance, Self-Love and Getting your S#!% Together


Flipping Awesome: The Art & Science of Self-love, Perseverance, and Getting Your S#!% Together is the raw, anecdotal, and cerebral journey through the author’s own real-life struggles with low self-esteem, disappointment, and self-sabotage. Christina Torres walks you through the tools, resources, and science that helped her gain a new outlook on life, on the world around her, and on the limiting beliefs that were holding her and countless other kickass women back, preventing them from realizing their budding superpowers. Feeling awesome about your life shouldn’t wait until you feel you’ve hit the jackpot. Learning to enjoy the ride, make time for growth, and have lasting influence—that’s what it’s all about. Turning your “screwups” into nuggets of wisdom and stepping-stones: that is how you flip the script from living a life of self-doubt and pity and change it into a life worth celebrating every day. You, homegirl, were born to be flipping awesome!