Momma WE Made it! (sort of…OK screw it…we did it…finally)

“As I write this, braces full of brown rice GLUTEN FREE farina (YASS! I’m a 30 year old mother of one with braces, you live your truth girl. I’m living mine.) excitement and maybe now a slow settling tinge of panic comes over me as my blog is finally realized.

First off, let me start with giving myself a well deserved double dapp (or is it dap — for all those not hip it’s a greeting, low five of sorts…handshake? Anyway, it’s often used to signify a job well done) with the turn around of this blog. It’s well overdue, both spiritually and intellectually.

Secondly, welcome to this sprint I call MI VIDA! Yes, this is me flexing my spanglish muscle. I’m Nueyorican and this blog will contain a plethora of random spanglish, yiddish, and profanity (well maybe not a plethora of profanity but there will be an F Bomb or seven here and there). I hope to bring all the sabor and Brooklyn flavor to your ear that I can muster (Sabor = Flavor, cute right?) all while navigating the streets of NYC, the world, motherhood, single motherhood and the occasional trip to IKEA. There promises to be a good amount of schleping, both actual baggage and the figurative kind. But through it all, the message I aim to present is that of perseverance, abundance, and the universe is highly in your favor no matter how fast or slow your running.

Bien venido to my world, better known to those who are acquainted and those who adore me, as ‘The Run Around’.” (editors note: I wrote this in my marble notebook, back in time, at 9:30 AM ET but couldn’t figure out how to work this fucking thing — fuck me right? ENJOY!)