Hate it or love it: Are you a fempreneur?

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There were times when I cringed at the mention of ‘mompreneur‘ or ‘girl boss’. Let’s face it, men are not called dad-preneurs when they become fathers during their journey to entrepreneurship. There is no mantreprenuer or boy boss (which actually sounds really creepy). So why is that we need to feminize these terms? And what about them is appealing (or isn’t)? Well, it just so happens, that women are the one’s self-identifying themselves as fempreneurs, girl bosses, and rebelles. Researchers,  in the UK published a study in 2015, alongside Barclays Center for Entrepreneurs that most if not all women in the focus-group preferred to be called a “founder” or “business owner” over the term entrepreneur. Entrepreneur seems to be a dirty word amongst women, and a good ol boys club reserved for men. The mere definition of an entrepreneur doesn’t allude to any unconscious bias: “Entrepreneur – a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.”

For some people, both men and women, entrepreneurship can come off far too risky and irresponsible. Perhaps it’s the stability that words like founder or phrase like a business owner that appeals most to women. Mompreneur gives the air of equal responsibility and dedication to both motherhood and entrepreneurship (with motherhood actually taking the most weight). Fempreneur, as uplifting as it may want to sound, could be the exact deterrent for women going full throttle, balls to the wall (no pun intended) to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Women are conditioned to play it safe, put family or others first, and to play ‘nice’.

On the other hand, many women could just not give a flying…duck as to what they’re called as long as they’re crushing it. I’m not very excited by either term, fempreneur or entrepreneur, as much as I’m intrigued by the term artist or creative. I don’t see myself as an entrepreneur as much as I see myself as a person who transfers her thoughts and ideas (and other’s) into a language or dialogue. Wordsmith or bad mama-jama is more my speed. It’s important to claim your calling to live life on your own terms and brand it however you like. If you are a mompreneur then own it! If you are a fempreneur, rock it! But ask yourself are you identifying with these terms because of how you show up for others and their bias, or because in your heart, you feel like you are being true to your priorities and beliefs of awesomeness.

I’d love to hear how you feel about the feminizing work and business trends? Leave me a comment below and share with your fellow rebel babes in business. Want more post like this one? Let me know where we should dive into next.

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