Happy New Year! Bien Venidos 2018

Oh man what a year 2017 was! Highs and lows alike…it really couldn’t have been a better year. I’d say there were way more highs than lows. My son turned two, solidifying his toddler stage. First few words and phrases dribble out his cute little cheerio obsessed mouth. He closed out the year with a new sense of humor and amazing comedic timing. Thank the lord he has my sense of humor and wit. The kid is just flourishing and I thank the big guy above and the big momma above (my mother who literally lives the apartment above me). Secondly, I got to catch a few flights and take a few flicks. Greece was breathtaking and my two brief trips to the mile high city of Denver were amazing as well. Made a few friends, caught a few feelings, learned a lot about the human spirit both others and my own. 2017 was a true awakening and classroom of sorts. It was a strong year for personal development. I read a lot of books, become a bit bolder, a bit more intentional in my movement. I launched this blog, I re-introduced and re-launched my start-up beverage business. I shared some talents, spoke up more, and put goals both near and far on paper. 2018 for me will be the year of results. With that said a few steps backward have been taken. I came into 2017 with a clean bill of financial health or at least a cleaner bill of financial health than the year before. I over extended myself this year. I moved into a brand new apartment (a rather expensive apartment), furnished it fully, and then proceeded to ball out in Greece. Not to mention upon my return, still in vacation mode, proceeded to get my music festival on and host a guest or two in between. Pro: I had the time of my life and set the tone to how and by what term I plan to enjoy my life. Con: Destroyed my bank account and credit in the process. But hey, it’s the lessons you learn that are the true currency and I have made the necessary steps to at least get the wheels turning on saving money and cutting my expenses. Honestly, I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in years. I’m definitely happier than the years I was working two jobs to hoard cash. Those two years between 2012 – 2014 were just a work horse blur. It strained relationships, fueled a mean drinking habit, and completely exhausted me. Not to mention all the cash didn’t make me happy. So I did the next best thing, I spent it! So…money doesn’t buy you happiness? No, but what it can do is offer you a tool, a key of sorts, to unlock your freedom. That was clear of 2017. So the year of 2018 is making bolder but wiser decisions. 2018 is a year of belief and work ethic. It’s the year I reach out and get the help I deserve. Its the year all my dreams or the most pinnacle ones come true. Whether that means finally getting my beverage to market, moving to a much affordable well rounded city, or getting my finances back on track, the journey will forge on. No more excuses, no more hesitation, and no more ignoring the inner voice telling me to go for it. Now, one of the goals is to post more and document the process. And I do try to do it more often than I have been but finding the time and prioritizing the process is getting increasingly hard. A simple fix is launching a daily podcast via Anchor. An app that makes recording and broadcasting seamless and instantaneous. Qualities that are heralded by our generation. I’ll be recording my first podcast later today. A little something, something to get the ball rolling.

OK, so that’s it! I’ll leave off with wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year. PEACE!


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