For Rebel Babes with a Cause

That’s right! We can finally work together and create beautiful, beautiful music. Well, not actual music, per say, but we can certainly start by speaking the language of love. And that language my dear is the unique, heart-centered, value adding, thang called COPY!

(If you’re into it, we can totally start a band later, too — just saying.)

OK, maybe you’re not thrilled about writing copy for your business, maybe you hate writing, or maybe you have no idea wtf copy is. But if you feel like your posts and marketing material is falling on deaf ears, then listen up. Copy and content are everywhere and everything. It’s on the IG posts you scroll through, the subway, the food you buy, (this right here shpiel) and the songs you sing. However much those two ‘C’ words scare you, (we’re still talking about copy and content right?) remember that they are in fact, just words.


But words matter. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and to whom you say it to. Great copy and content provide value and connection to those who want it and need it. You are a giver! You are a dynamo! You want to create a brand that is more than just another cash bucket. You are looking to tell a story, grow with your users, create a lasting connection with them, and most importantly…S-E-L-L.

My obsession for words, love of collaboration, and eye for witty, authentic, socially conscientious brands are here to help. Let’s crush your fear of getting your name and awesomeness out there, one word at a time, so you can kick ass, take names, and become (or inspire) the next Beyoncé (or insert your inspo here).

It’s time your tribe falls in love with you and your brand. What are you waiting for? A friggin invitation? Your Copy Remix Awaits. (go ahead, click the link to the left, treat yo’ self.)

p.s. Drop me a line below! Feel free to request more details, learn more about copy, or if you’re really serious, about the whole starting a band thing. xoxo

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