A Throwback Ode to NYC

Written on the C Train, in my notepad, October 11th, 2018: 

Or you can just stand there firmly and let people go around you, I thought.

A father told his daughter who stood by the train doors and read, To Kill a Mockingbird, my favorite, to make herself smaller, or stay where you are. That statement meant so much to me. Life is funny that way. You hear just what you need to hear when it’s needed.

I know how he meant the directive. But my soul, my heart heard something different. I’m a protagonist that way. Always thinking the worst of people. But am I. Or am I truly thinking what’s best for them.

The conductor, sweet, logical women harked to passengers “Please do not hold the doors. It causes delay. It may be nice to hold the doors, but it causes delays for the many aboard the train.”

Or her next PSA, “Please take your backpacks off your backs, and hold them in your hand. You don’t want to cause someone to trip or to cause injury. Make space and hold on to your bag.”

Beautiful. Not because she’s a woman. But because of her sincere concern and well being of all. I’ve had my share of nasty gals shout across the train speakers. The dark tunnels day and night are enough to make anyone MAD.

As I stepped off the train the young girl bid me a good night. Ah, NYC, your hot and cold love is amazing.

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