Where the tough get’s to running — their mouth, their business, their life ;)

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The Run Around was originally the brainchild and creative outlet for my postpartum, self-love, and online business launch journey. It is important for me to have an outlet where I can share my voice, my journey, the good, the bad, the discouraging and encouraging to whoever would stumble upon my page. Life can suck, but you must have a sense of humor. How else would Netflix series get created? Think about it.

The ability to connect with other like minded women who are navigating life, love, unconventional motherhood and unapologetic womanhood, is the icing on the proverbial cake. And so I kept writing, and creating, documenting and dreaming of more epic ways to link all of us superwomen.

Then something beautiful happened, I enjoyed the freedom of creating and speaking honestly and others felt inspired to do the same. My digital journal and empowerment platform awakened my deepest, truest passions: WRITING for and COLLABORATING with women destined to live out-loud and blaze a path for themselves. Who runs the world? GIRLS! Duh.

The Run Around now is a place where you and other rebel babes with a cause can expect to find raves, rants, and resources that run the gambit from single-motherhood to dating, entrepreneurship to equality, personal development to multifaceted self-expression, and some tried & true life and content hacks. This is a judgement free zone where being REAL is welcomed and being perfect is BORING.

Welcome to THE RUN AROUND! A platform for women who run the world literally, figuratively, but most importantly, EPICALLY.

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